School of Business and Management Studies

Department of Accounting and Finance

Welcome to the Department of Accounting and Finance. This is one of the five departments in the school of Business and Management Studies. The department boosts of a staff twenty two lectures, nine of whom are on a full time basis and the remaining lecture on an adjunct basis. The Department currently offers two degree programmes. A Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance options). The Department also offers a Diploma in Accountancy and professional Certified Public Accountant (CPA) course. The department is currently developing a Master of Finance Programme which has already been passed by the department and is awaiting the schools approval process.

The programmes are offered during the day under the Module I programme and in the evening under the Module II programme. Day classes commence at 7.00am while evening classes start after work hours at 5.30pm. Module I mode of delivery targets fresh minds who have just completed high school and intent to pursue a career in Accountancy or Finance in future. The Module II programme is intended for persons who are already working and would like to further their studies but are not able to do so during the day due to pressure of work. The evening classes therefore provide a good opportunity for them.

Graduates from this Department can pursue a career in a number of areas. Those who graduate with the Diploma in Accountancy course are intended to be effective accounts clerks and assistant accountants in all fields including schools, small and medium size enterprises, non-governmental organizations and both at the County and Central Government.

Student in the department who are undertaking their Bachelor’s programmes are encouraged to also pursue professional courses such as Certified Securities and Investment Analysts (CSIA) course if they are in the finance option or a Certified Public Accountants if they are undertaking an option in Accountancy option.

Our finance graduates are expected to pursue a career in areas such as stock broking, fund management, investment analysts, investment advisors, pension managers, banking and any other career in the capital markets. Our accounting graduates are expected to take up careers as financial and management accountants and tax experts. Our graduates are suitable to work in any field, whether in the commercial, government, civil society or development agencies.