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The Bachelor of Technology in Office Administration and technology degree programme prepares the student for a career in Office Administration in both the public and private sectors of the economy. The programme is designed to produce graduates with the appropriate skills to become efficient and effective office administrators.


Applicants shall be eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Technology in Office Administration degree in the School of Business and Management Studies in the following categories:

KCSE Candidates

The basic admissions requirement shall be the minimum entry requirements set for entry into the public universities, which is at least a mean grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)

In addition, candidates are expected to have performed well in the following cluster subjects in KCSE examinations, but at any rate shall have obtained at least a grade C plain in each of the cluster subjects:

Cluster Subjects


Mathematics A / Mathematics B / Any Group II

Any group III

Any Group II / 2nd Group III / Any Group IV / Any Group V

Group I: English, Kiswahili, Mathematics

Group II: Biology, Physics, Chemistry

Group III: History and Government, Geography, Christian Religious Education, Islamic Religious Education, Hindu Religious Education

Group IV: Home Science, Art and Design, Agriculture, Aviation Technology, Computer Studies

Group V: French, German, Arabic, Music, Business Studies

A-Levels or Equivalent

Applicants should have a minimum of two (2) principal passes and a subsidiary pass in the General Paper at A-level and have passed with a credit in English at O-levels.

Diploma (TEP) or Equivalent

Applicants with a Diploma (Technical Education Programme) in Secretarial of The Technical University of Kenya or an equivalent qualification.

Diploma in Technology (Dip. Tech.) or Equivalent

Candidates with a Diploma in Technology (Dip.Tech.) in Office Administration of The Technical University of Kenya or an equivalent qualification.

Higher Diploma (HDip) in Secretarial Management or Equivalent

Applicants with a Higher Diploma (HDip) in Secretarial offered by The Technical University of Kenya or an equivalent qualification.

Course Outline

Year I

Semester I

UCCC 1101

Communication Skills



ABSQ 1142

Keyboarding and Accuracy A



ABSQ 1141

Shorthand Theory and Penmanship A



ABBQ 1122

Basic Mathematics



ABCC 1121

I CT Concepts



ABBQ 1111

Introduction to Business



UCCC 1102

Critical and Creative Thinking










Semester II

ABSQ 1241

Keyboarding and Accuracy B



ABSQ 1242

Shorthand Theory and Penmanship B



ABSQ 1243

Business English



ABSQ 1241

Computer Applications



UCCC 1201

Health Education



ABBQ 1211

Business Maths



UCCC 1202

Society and Culture








 Total hrs for year 1

Year II

Semester I





ABSQ 2141

Computerized Document Processing 1A



ABSQ 2142

Shorthand Speed Development 1A



ABSQ 2143

Customer Relationship Management



ABSQ 2144

Business Communication



ABSQ 2145

Office Automation



ABSQ 2145

Foreign Language 1A



ABSQ 2242

Foundations of Law and Legal Systems






Semester II





Semester II




ABSQ 2241

Computerized Document Processing 1B



ABSQ 2242

Shorthand Speed Development 1B



ABSQ 2243

Human and Public Relations



ABSQ 2244

Office Administration and Management



ABSQ 2245

Foreign Language 1B



ABBQ 3113

Principles of Management








Total Hours for Year 2







Year III

Semester I

ABSE 3100

Industry Based Learning I (12 weeks)







Semester II





ABSQ 3141

Computerized Document Processing 2A



ABSQ 3142

Shorthand Speed Development 2A



ABSQ 3143

Foreign Language 2A



ABSQ 3144

Principles of Marketing



ABBQ 3111

Principles of Economics



ABBQ 3112

Entrepreneurship Education



ABSQ 2146

Business Statistics


Semester III





ABSQ 3341

Computerized Document Processing 2B



ABSQ 3342

Shorthand Speed Development 2B



ABSQ 3342

Evolution and Development of Office Systems



ABSQ 3344

Foreign Language 2B



ABSQ 3344

Commercial and Administration Law



ABSQ 3345

Business Plan Project



ABSQ 3334

Research Methods








Total Hours for Year 3

Year IV

Semester I

ABSE 3100

Industry Based Learning I (12 weeks)






Semester II





ABSQ 4241

Proposal Writing Project



ABSQ 4242

Management Consultancy and Counselling



ABSQ 4243

Business French IIA



ABBQ 4211

Organizational Theory and Behaviour



ABBQ 4212

Industrial Psychology



ABBQ 4213

Human Resource Management



ABBQ 4214

Business Environment


Semester III





ABSQ 4341

Trade Area Project



ABSQ 4342

Company Secretarial Practise



ABSQ 4342

Foreign Language



ABBQ 4311

Environmental Studies



ABBQ 4312

Business Ethics and Governance



ABBQ 4321









Total Hours for Year 4





Total Hours for the Course