School of Business and Management Studies

Bachelor of Technology in Business Information Technology B.Tech. (BIT)

The Bachelor of Technology in Business Information Technology degree prepares candidates to meet the increasing demand for IT professionals in the modern business environment with a wide knowledge of business management, technical skills and the capacity to harness and implement IT strategies, taking advantage of emerging technologies. The program prepares students for the job market through thorough knowledge of Information Technology with an understanding and appreciation of how business is organized and managed.

Entry Requirements

Applicants shall be eligible for admission into the Bachelor of Technology in Business Information Technology degree in the School of Business and Management Studies in the following categories:

KCSE Applicants

The basic admission requirement shall be the minimum entry requirements set for entry into the public universities, which is at least a mean grade of C+ in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE).

In addition, applicants are expected to have obtained at least a grade C in each of the cluster subjects in the following cluster of subjects in KCSE examinations:

Cluster Subjects

Mathematics A


2nd Group II / Any Group III

Any Group II / Any Group III / Any Group IV / Any Group V

KCSE Subject Grouping

Group I: English, Kiswahili, Mathematics

Group II: Biology, Physics, Chemistry

Group III: History and Government, Geography, Christian Religious Education, Islamic Religious Education, Hindu Religious Education

Group IV: Home Science, Art and Design, Agriculture, Aviation Technology, Computer Studies

Group V: French, German, Arabic, Music, Business Studies

A-Levels or Equivalent

Applicants should have a minimum of two (2) principal passes and a subsidiary pass in the General Paper at A-level and have passed with a credit in Mathematics and Physics at O-levels.

Diploma in Technology, Business Information Technology (Dip.Tech. BIT)

Applicants with a Diploma in Technology (Dip.Tech.) in Business Information Technology of The Technical University of Kenya or an equivalent qualification from a recognized Institution.

Higher Diploma (H.Dip) or Equivalent

Applicants with Higher/advanced diploma in Information Technology/Computer Science from KPUC or a recognized examining body.

Summary of the Programme of Study

Year I

Semester I


Communication Skills




Critical & Creative Thinking



ABMI 1111

Introduction to Business Studies



ABMI 1121

ICT Concepts



ABMI 1122

Basic Mathematics



ABMI 1123

Environmental Studies



ABMI 1151

Introduction to Microeconomics










Semester II


Health Education




Society & Culture



ABMI 1211

Business Management



ABMI 1221

Computer Applications



ABMI 1222

Business Mathematics



ABMI 1223

Principles of Computer Programming



ABMI 1251

Introduction to Macroeconomics












 Total (Year 1)









Year II

Semester I

ABMI 2111

OrganizationTheory and Behaviour



ABMI 2121

Discrete Mathematics


ABMI 2122

Computer System Architecture



ABMI 2123

Principles of Operating Systems



ABMI 2124

Probability and Statistics I



ABMI 2125

Systems Analysis and Design



ABMI 2131

Fundamentals of Accounting










Semester II

ABMI 2211

Principles of Management



ABMI 2221

Database Systems



ABMI 2222

Production and Operations Management



ABMI 2223

Probability and Statistics II



ABMI 2224

Business Finance



ABMI 2225

Numerical Methods



ABMI 2226

Object Oriented Programming Concepts








 Total (Year 2)

Year III

Semester I

ABMI 3111

Entrepreneurship Development



ABMI 3121

Advanced Database Systems



ABMI 3122

Software Engineering



ABMI 3123

Applied Object-Oriented Programming



ABMI 3124

Data Communication and Network s



ABMI 3125

Business Information Systems



ABMI 3131

Cost Accounting






Semester II

ABMI 3211

Business Planning



ABMI 3221

Advanced Networking Concepts



ABMI 3222

Business Process Modeling and Simulation



ABMI 3223

Visual Programming



ABMI 3224

IT Project Management



ABMI 3225

Human Computer Interaction



ABMI 3226

Research Methods






Semester III




ABMI 3300

Industry Based learning 1






 Total (Year 3)

Year IV

Semester I

ABMI 4111

Principles of Marketing



ABMI 4121

Foundations of Artificial Intelligence



ABMI 4322

Information System Audit



ABMI 4123

Business Ethics and Governance



ABMI 4124

Application Programming for Internet



ABMI 4125

Research Project A



ABMI 4161

Legal aspects of IT and Business






Semester II

ABMI 4211

Human Resource Management



ABMI 4221

Information Systems Security



ABMI 4222

Distributed Systems



ABMI 4223

Ethical and Societal Impacts of IT



ABMI 4224

E- Business



ABMI 4225

Technology and Innovation Management



ABMI 4226

Research Project B







Semester III

ABMI 4300

Industry Based Learning 2