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Department of Management Science and Technology

The Department Management Science & Technology (DMST) is an academic unit within the School of Business and Managements Studies (SBMS), Faculty of Social Sciences and Technology (FSST), Technical University of Kenya (TUK). In line with the scope of the field of management sciences commonly known as operations research (OR) or Decision Sciences (DS) and its interdisciplinary nature, the focus of the Department’s academic orientation is to offer course designed to enable graduates use scientific methods to address problems.

Recognizing the growing demand for graduates with analytical skills who can assists organizations to gain insights from data to solve decision problems, the Department is committed to fulfil this human capacity gap.   It is in pursuit of this agenda that DMST is progressively repackaging its academic programmes with a significant dose of business analytics content. Additionally, in support of TUK’s vision to be a top rated University of technology, the Department, has undertaken to be the destination of Management Sciences and analytics. DMST’s mandate is to contribute to the broader social role of the Technical University of Kenya in providing high quality academic programs characterized by cutting edge technologies and modern managerial practices. Our research contributions to both private and public sector organizations and will continue to take this pathway seamlessly integrating experiential learning practice that links theory to the workplace demand.


Our Vision Is to become the leading Centre of Tertiary education in Management Sciences and Analytics

Mission statement

The mission of the Department is to provide world class research, teaching and outreach in all areas of operations, purchasing and supply chain management and business information technology with a significant dose of analytics.


In line with values of Technical University of Kenya, our Values are: 
Quality and excellence
Social responsibility and community engagement


You are here: Home >> Departments >> Department of Business Administration